Nord SK 100 AP/4

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Power: 4 hp
Output Speed: 1760
Output Torque: 143
Weight: 60

NORD motors are well suited for constant torque applications and will safely operate over a frequency range of 0Hz to 120Hz. Each motor can be supplied with a wide range of options to customize the motor for a wide range of applications and operating demands. 


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Features and Benefits
■ Threaded cable entry holes
■ Lip seals on both shaft ends
■ Sealed and gasketed terminal boxes.
■ Continuous Duty (S1) / Premium Efficient (IE3) / Non-ventilated (TENV).
■ Common 50 Hz and 60 Hz voltages.
■ Inverter/vector duty wiring and insulation.
■ Rated for voltage spikes per NEMA MG1, section
■ Moisture resistant varnished dipped windings.

Brake Options

Nord SK 100 AP/4 BRE40
Nord SK 100 AP/4 BRE60
Nord SK 100 AP/4 BRE20

For a comprehensive list of brake options and detailed information, go here

Mounting Options & Positions

NEMA Foot : 182T, NEMA C-FACE : 182TC

Motor Options

For a comprehensive list of motor options and detailed information, go here

AG Absolute encoder
AICM Additional Insulation
ECR Single phase motor, 60Hz
EKK Small terminal box
EP Blower cooling fan
F Hollow shaft with spline
FC Blower cooling fan [115V]
HR Hand wheel
IG…P Incremental encoder
KB Condensation drain holes – plugged
KBO Condensation drain holes – open
KKV Terminal box sealed with resin
MG Magnetic encoder
MS Quick power plug connector
OL Totally enclosed non-ventilated
OL/H Totally enclosed non-ventilated without fan cover
RD Canopy drip cover
RDD Double fan cover
RLS Motor backstop
RS Round motor power connectors
SH Space heater
TF Thermistor
TW Thermostat
WE 2nd shaft extension on fan side
Z High inertia cast iron fan
IP66 enclosure protection
Paint coatings
Pre-fabricated motor power cable