Nord Trio SK 300E Frequency Inverters

The trio SK 300E is an inverter directly mounted on the motor with complete control and parameterisation functionalities. This robust drive package with its high IP 55 (optional IP 66) inverter protection is suitable for decentral applications. In combination with the comprehensive NORD geared motor range, drives with the trio SK 300E can be used in all types of applications and industries. The motor-inverter concept has many device and system advantages of the Nord Trio SK 300E Frequency Inverter:

  • Separate connection unit with generous connection room for mains and control lines due to two-part enclosure concept
  • Upper enclosure unit with inverter electronics designed as plug-in cover
  • Heat dissipation via the enclosure without additional cooling measures
  • Electronic rating plate in the motor:
    • Simple startup with previously stored motor data in the motor and inverter
    • Automatic storage of all settings in electronic rating plate
    • Replacement without renewed parameterisation
  • Integrated brake chopper and activation for electromagnetic brake
  • Integrated mains filter for maintenance of limit curve B
  • Optional potentiometer and three stage switch to select “off“ or “left“ or “right“ rotation, with robust design for manual operation directly at the inverter
  • Online switching between 2 parameter sets is possible
  • Simple parameterisation with PC software or ParameterBox

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