Nord SK 93772.1 63 S/4

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Power:  0.16 hp
Output Speed:  61 -192 rpm
Output Torque:  52 – 164 lb-in
Weight: 52 lb

NORD 2-Stage Right-Angle Helical-Bevel reducers are manufactured from aluminum alloy using the latest in FEM (Finite Element Modeling) technology. The UNICASE® housing needs no assembly covers or screws. Manufacturing precision ensures accurate alignment of all bearing seats, internal shafts and gears.

Gearbox Selection

Below are some guideline steps to help aid in
the gear unit selection.
1. Determine the speed and/or gear ratio (see order form)
2. Determine the required power or torque (see order form)
3. Determine Service Factor 
4. Select the basic gearbox type and input
5. Determine the required mounting position
6. Select options
7. Checks – overhung load, thrust load, NEMA motor weight, thermal considerations, and other application considerations

Mounting Positions

Gearbox Options

Abbreviation • 92.1 Series Universal Housing (foot mount & B14 flange) or
• 93.1 Series Standard Housing (no tapped holes & B14 flange)
A Keyed Hollow
ADP Additional drain plug
AF Keyed Hollow Shaft with B5 Flange
B Fixing Kit
D Torque Arm
F B5 flange
FKM Fluoro-rubber seals
FV Filtered Vent
H Hollow Shaft Cover
LL Long term storage
L Double Solid Output Shaft
M GRIPMAXX™ Hollow Shaft Bushing Kit
MDP Magnetic drain plug
NSDtuph NSD tuph sealed surface conversion
OSG Oil sight glass
OV Open vent
PR B5 flange pilot removal
SH Shrink Disc and Cover
SWV Special Solid Shaft
SWA Special Hollow Shaft
V Solid Output Shaft
VF Special Hollow Shaft
X 93.1 Series Housing with Tapped Foot Holes
none Industry Standard Worm Replacement Footplate
none Special Drain Plugs
none Paint coatings