Nord SK 1SMI75 – 140TC – 80LH/4

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Power: 1 hp
Output Speed: 18 – 350 rpm
Output Torque: 169 – 1902 lb-in
Weight: 56 lb

The MINICASE® (SMI Series) worm gear is a compact worm gear characterized by its smooth outer surface design and it’s separate foot-mount and flange-mount housings, that are designed to accommodate the bolton torque arm or flange kit. NORD’s latest MINICASE® worm gear offering is designed to readily accept our FLEXBLOC™ accessory kits.


Catalog Nord Minicase Catalog
Users Manual Nord Minicase Manual
Dimensions Nord Minicase – Dimensions
Order Form Nord Minicase Order Form

Gearbox Selection

Below are some guideline steps to help aid in
the gear unit selection.
1. Determine the speed and/or gear ratio (see order form)
2. Determine the required power or torque (see order form)
3. Determine Service Factor
4. Select the basic gearbox type and input
5. Determine the required mounting position
6. Select options
7. Checks – overhung load, thrust load, NEMA motor weight, thermal considerations, and other application considerations

Size Offering

Gearbox Unit SK 1SIxx / SK 1SMIxx ( xx =mm, center distance )
Center Distance 31 mm 40 mm 50 mm 63 mm 75 mm
  1.2 inch 1.6 inch 2.0 inch 2.5 inch 3.0 inch

Mounting Positions

Gearbox Options

SK 1SMID__ MINICASE® worm [D-Direct Mounted integral motor]
(Smooth-bodied housing)
SK 1SMI__ MINICASE® worm [Modular Construction]
(Smooth-bodied housing)
X Footed Housing
Z Flange Housing (B14)
A Keyed hollow-bore
V Solid-shaft (single-side)
Optional plug-In solid shaft (single-side)
L Solid-shaft (both sides)
AF Flange-housing, flange-kit (B5), hollow bore
VF Circular flange-kit (B5), male pilot [I]
Square flange-kit (B5), female pilot [II]
Square flange-kit (B5), male pilot [III]
Circular flange-kit (B5), male pilot [IV]
D Torque Arm
H Shaft cover
J Bushing kit (to reduce standard inch hollow-bores)
B* Fixing Kit
Standard Efficiency,
High Efficency, &
Premium Efficency
63S/4, 63L/4, 71S/4, 71L/4, 80S/4, 80L/4, 80SH/4, 80LH/4, 80LP/4, 90S/4, 90L/4, 90SH/4, 90LH/4, 90SP/4, 90LP/4
N48C NEMA 48C Motor Adapter
N56C NEMA 56C Motor Adapter
N140TC NEMA 140TC Motor Adapter
N180TC NEMA 180TC Motor Adapter
IEC56 IEC56 Motor Adapter
IEC63 IEC63 Motor Adapter
IEC71 IEC71 Motor Adapter
IEC80 IEC80 Motor Adapter
IEC90 IEC90 Motor Adapter
IEC100 IEC100 Motor Adapter
IEC112 IEC112 Motor Adapter
W Solid Input Shaft Adapter
SK 2SMID__ MINICASE®,5:1 helical input stage,
[Integral motor only]
SK1SIM__/H10 10:1 helical input [C-Face motor only]
SK 1SMI__/31 MINICASE® compound-worm
(Double-worm adapter kit)
SK 1SMI__/40 MINICASE® compound-worm
(Double-worm adapter kit)
Vent Reducer breather kit (optional)
Paint Paint options (upon request)
Long Term Storage Long term storage preparation